How to Design Your Home Office to Reflect Your Company’s Brand

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When you start a business out of your home, it’s a good idea to designate a home office space. This will allow you to focus on your work without distraction. It will also make it easier for you to keep work-related documents and equipment safely stored. Organizing and designing your office is especially important if you plan to meet with clients or customers. Additionally, if you plan on selling your home, having an attractive office space can increase the value of your property. Here are some design principles to follow for setting up a home office that reflects your company’s character. Make sure you photograph your design progress as you go, especially if you’re contemplating putting your home on the market in the near future.


Select a design style to match your branding.

Just as your home design reflects your personality, your company’s design should reflect your brand. What values do you want the public to associate with your business? If you are operating as an attorney, for example, you might want to emphasize forcefulness and integrity. If you are a caregiver, on the other hand, think about how design can suggest compassion and positivity. Choose colors that evoke the emotions you want to be associated with your company. Bright reds and oranges are good if you want to suggest energy and action. Blues and grays are better for a calming atmosphere.


Use art to enhance design.

You want your workspace to be attractive and welcoming to clients, whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. Attractive art items can brighten your interior and highlight your brand. When choosing prints or photographic art, focus on images that evoke positive feelings about the products and services you offer. If you are doing virtual meetings, select a section of your office to be the “set” for your meetings. There are virtual backgrounds you can use for meetings, but creating your own set, with an attractive print as a backdrop or a few curated items arranged nearby, can feel more authentic.

Don’t let clutter build up.

A messy office can be unpleasant to work in as clutter makes it harder to be productive and even increase anxiety. If you are hosting meetings in your office, having a messy, disorganized space creates a negative impression. Inviting people into a dirty space shows a lack of consideration and respect. The fact that you are unable to keep your office tidy suggests that you will not be efficient in other areas either. But organizing your workspace isn’t just about keeping messes out of sight. Organization should be factored into your design. Attractive shelving and cabinets can be statement pieces that enhance your office style.

Emphasize comfort.

A comfortable space is more pleasant to work in. Customize your seating to protect your posture, and make sure any additional seating for prospective guests is attractive and inviting. Having good lighting is important both for ambiance and the health of your vision. If you have windows in your office, choose stylish curtains or blinds that will let in natural light but can also be closed for privacy. Soundproof your office as much as possible, so you and your clients are not interrupted by the noise of family life or outdoor traffic.

For in-person meetings, prioritize health and safety.

It’s advisable to meet virtually rather than in person at this time, especially when larger numbers of people are involved or when parties have been traveling. But if you do opt for in-person meetings, be sure your office has adequate ventilation. Consider investing in an air filtration system that can reduce airborne droplets. Make hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes readily available. Have disposable masks on hand, in case anyone entering your office has forgotten theirs. When you arrange the furniture for a meeting, do so with social distancing protocols in mind.

Your home office is also the face of your company. Keeping it attractive and well organized can enhance customer confidence while also increasing the value of your home. So whether you are hosting clients virtually or in person, be sure you’ve designed your space to create the best possible effect. Office Concepts can help supply you with attractive and affordable office furnishing. Visit the showroom today.

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 Credit: Aimee Lyons.